Concept of Gain in Electronics | Voltage Gain, Current Gain, Power Gain | Explanation with Example

Gain is a fundamental concept in electronics, representing the amplification factor of a signal. We’ll explore various types of gain, including voltage gain, current gain, and power gain, providing clear explanations and practical examples to enhance your understanding. From voltage gain equations to real-world applications, we’ll cover it all in this comprehensive tutorial.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of gain in electronics, examining voltage gain, current gain, and power gain in both linear and logarithmic scales. We’ll discuss voltage gain in dB, current gain in dB, and power gain in dB, offering insights into their calculations and applications.

Whether you’re studying the basics of electronics or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this video has something for everyone. We’ll provide examples to illustrate the concepts of voltage gain, current gain, and power gain, helping you apply these principles in your own projects and designs.


00:00 – Namaskar Dosto!
00:40 – Concept of Gain (definition)
01:52 – Formula for Gain
05:09 – Types of Gain
05:19 – Voltage Gain
06:24 – Formula for Voltage Gain
06:37 – Example of Voltage Gain
09:06 – Current Gain
09:55 – Formula for Current Gain
10:09 – Example of Current Gain
11:43 – Power Gain
12:09 – Formula for Power Gain
12:19 – Example of Power Gain
15:12 – Thanks for Watching:)

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