Transconductance | Transadmittance | Transresistance | Transimpedance | Basic Electronics

Transconductance, transadmittance, transresistance, and transimpedance are crucial parameters that describe the relationship between input and output signals in electronic circuits. We’ll delve into each concept, providing clear explanations and practical insights to help you grasp their significance.

Join us as we demystify transconductance, transadmittance, transresistance, and transimpedance in the context of electronics. From defining these terms to exploring their applications, we’ll cover it all in this comprehensive tutorial.

Whether you’re studying the basics of electronics or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this video has something for everyone. We’ll provide examples and illustrations to clarify these concepts, empowering you to apply them in your own projects and designs.


00:00 – Namaskar Dosto!
00:37 – Transconductance (Mutual Conductance)
02:05 – SI Unit of Transconductance
02:14 – Transadmittance
02:56 – Uses of Transconductance
04:24 – Transresistance (Mutual Resistance)
05:46 – SI Unit of Transresistance
05:59 – Transimpedance
06:35 – Uses of Transresistance
08:10 – Relation between Transconductance (gm) and Transresistance (rm)
09:34 – Thanks for Watching:)

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