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The current divider rule, also known as the current division rule (CDR), is a powerful tool used to determine the distribution of current in parallel circuits. We’ll explore the principles behind the current divider rule, providing clear explanations and practical examples to enhance your understanding. From current divider formula to real-world applications, we’ll cover it all in this comprehensive tutorial.

Join us as we tackle current division problems, analyzing current divider circuits and applying the current divider law to solve practical scenarios. Whether you’re studying the basics of electronics or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this video has something for everyone.


00:00 – Namaskar Dosto!
00:43 – Current Divider Rule/Current Division Rule (CDR)
01:51 – Formula for Current Divider Rule
03:17 – Example of Current Divider Rule
12:27 – Thanks for Watching:)

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